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Sports Marketing

 Sports marketing is a relatively new field and dimension within the broad concept of marketing. It is constantly evolving and changing today as society battles the free market to decide the legal and ethical boundaries of business today. It is import ant to note that this discipline within marketing is not clearly defined. Sports today utilize corporate sponsorships and television money in order to compete and pay for top quality athletes. Those companies use teams, leagues, colleges, and individual s to differentiate their products in a very competitive business environment. What constitutes sports marketing to one person could be considered "selling out" to some critics. The business world keeps pushing to find a competitive advantage an d the sports world has generally welcomed the money offered. Every level of sports from peewee leagues to the pros has been affected by the sports marketing trend.

As I was passing by Itaewon, I noticed many sports stores: Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. There weren't only one shop of each brand, but there were many in different places! The way they advertise to bring customers in is differnt.
     Nike uses big pictures of basketball stars doing a dunk, crossing over, blocking, or modeling for a photo-shoot. This has an impact on the customer's eyes because not only is it big, but the player looks so professional and natural, that the customers want to be like him or her. They also use colors that are very light to catch the customer's eyes.