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Storyline CP1 (Late) Setup and Elements

Your Name: Danny Hong

Story Name: If You Give A Pig A Pancake

Author: Laura Numeroff

Story Setting Information: The House and around the house

Who is your main target audience? (e.g. 5-year old boys, children 10-12, teenage boys who like adventure) The main target audience for this book is for children 8 and below.

What moral does your story teach in the end (e.g. friendship, sharing, family, good habits, never lie, listen to your parents, eat your vegetables)
-This particular story doesn't have a specific moral, but teaches that if you give an animal something, it's also going to want something with it.

City and country location (e.g. Paris, France)
-No particular country, but published in America.

The place in the area (e.g. on a farm, in the city, on a boat in the ocean, in outer space, at a basketball game)
-At the house, and around the house.

Character driven or plot driven?
(e.g. does the story follow the character(s) or the plot)
-The story follows the pig and the girl. (Only characters in the book)

The following are key elements in a story:

Introduction (exposition)
Gives brief background of the main characters, setting, and plot; answers the questions where, when, and who

-There is no particular conflict in this story except that if you give a pig a pancake, it will want something else with it.

Rising Action
-The pig keeps on wanting more, ending back with wanting more pancakes.

-No resolution

Falling Action (resolution)
-No falling action except giving the pig more pancakes. (?)

The moral of the story and closing thought


Twist (you can choose where the twist will go in your time line)
An unexpected turn in events

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